Until The Poorest Of People Have Money To Spend cover

New Streaming Single: Until The Poorest Of People... (WCPAEB cover)

#NewMusicFriday returns with a cover of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
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Ex Norwegian - Happily Unemployed cover


#NewMusicFriday — Happily Unemployed"⁠—A song by GRUPPO SPORTIVO that may have been recorded back in 1982, but is perfect for this unprecedented …

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Ex Norwegian - My Days Are Numbered cover

New Streaming Single: My Days Are Numbered (Patto cover)

10th #NewMusicFriday single is a cover of Patto's "My Days Are Numbered"
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Ex Norwegian - Laughing Stock cover

New Streaming Single: Laughing Stock (Love cover)

9th #NewMusicFriday single is a cover of Love's "Laughing Stock"
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Ex Norwegian - Jove Was At Home single cover

New Streaming Single: Jove Was At Home (Dr. Strangely Strange cover)

8th #NewMusicFriday is a Dr. Strangely Strange cover.
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New Streaming Single: Girl From New York (Billy Nicholls cover)

7th #NewMusicFriday release is a Billy Nicholls cover.
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Ex Norwegian - Bloody Parrots!

New Single: Bloody Parrots!

Another single from the upcoming album.
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Live in NYC: 2/4 at Bowery Electric

Return to New York City promoting "Something Unreal: The Best Of..."
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