The Cry Of Eugene cover

New Streaming Single: The Cry Of Eugene (The Nice cover)

Boasted by a cool cover designed by Ani G (@bigkidtable42), the fourth single of 2020, and third cover, is the psych classic “The Cry Of Eugene” by the proto-prog group the Nice – which featured Keith Emerson, Lee Jackson, Brian Davidson and Davy O’List on guitar.

This rendition stays true to the 60s attitude and tape saturation but leans more on the prog side vs. singer-songwriter side that the subsequent Jackson Heights cover took it towards.

Stream it.

1 thought on “New Streaming Single: The Cry Of Eugene (The Nice cover)”

  1. Hi Ex Norwegian,

    Yeah I think it’s great. You kept true to my production I mastered with Alan O’Duffy; The Kinks, Paul McCartney, etc. Nice cover too. Do some more Nice? All the best, Davy O’List

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