Ex Norwegian - Half Baked digital single cover

"Half Baked" Single Release

First single off the forthcoming album Sing Jimmy Campbell is probably the most proggy-est of the bunch. Jimmy Campbell's 2nd album title track, …

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Ex Norwegian Best of 2020

Ex Norwegian's 2020 Releases: Celebrating Success and Gratitude

In 2020, despite the unprecedented challenges and widespread disruptions thanks to the powers that shouldn't be, Ex Norwegian's music catalog …

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Ex Norwegian & Friends Sing Jimmy Campbell

New Album Featuring 14 Guests out April 2nd

Ex Norwegian and friends sing Jimmy Campbell is due out April 2, an album worth of Liverpool's singer-songwrtier Jimmy Campbell.
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Windblown - Award-winning short film

Ex Norwegian featured in "Windblown" short film

Catch the classic album track "Page To" on this award-winning psychological thriller.
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Ex Norwegian - And I, Lover

New 7": And I, Lover/Your Own Swing

Non-LP single - limited 7" pressing to 50 hand-numbered copies
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Sweet Sweet Music Blog

Q&A with Roger on sweet sweet music

Roger answers some questions about the new albums and upcoming projects.
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Why I Quit Composing on 40 UP Radio

Gruppo's Own Hans spins Ex Nor

Hans Vandenburg plays some Ex Norwegian on his radio show!
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New Albums

New Albums out now

'Hue Spotting' and 'Spotting Hues' out now!
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Strange Brew interview

In-Depth Interview with Roger at the Strange Brew

Talking about the new psychedelic records and the whole bands turbulent history
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