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October 16, 2012 - HOUSE MUSIC

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March 2023
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Compact Disc, Digital Download.
Dying Van Gogh Records (DVG007).
Originally self-released April 20, 2012
as a limited edition of 20 CDs w/6 bonus tracks.
  1. Ginger, Baby
  2. Original Copy
  3. Not A Mouse
  4. Initiative Rock
  5. Spin Win It
  6. Choice Of Friend
  7. Rearrange It
  8. Join The Fray
  9. Siesta2Tiësto
  10. Tong As In Pete

“House Music…is Ex Norwegian’s most accessible and, perhaps, best work. Laden with great lyrics, catchy melodies, musical hooks and huge harmonies this is one effort that demands to be noticed.” – Old School – Ripple Effect