Roger and Aventura

“Aventura”: The Untold Story

Discover the history of Ex Norwegian's "Aventura" and uncover its inspiration and evolution. Read more
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Video: “Aventura” Live

Well, no…not live on YouTube per say, but live video from the bands performance at Studio 504 in Miami on YouTube. Featuring the line-up of Roger Houdaille, Lucia Perez, Lucas Queiroz, Taylor Vega and Adam Perez. The song is Read more

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Singles Box Set Available to Order

Limited to only 20 copies, this deluxe 8 cd set features 8 different A and B sides totaling 16 songs. It includes both singles released digitally this year, “Original Copy” and the remixed “Something Unreal” with their Read more

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Ex Norwegian Live in Boston

Check out Ex Norwegian live @ Great Scott, Boston from the 'original' Sketch tour, 2010. Read more
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Ex Norwegian live debut

The Super Summer Jam was 30 band, 4 stages strong with Ex Norwegian at some point debuting their live set on the patio stage.

Set list: Something Unreal // Aventura //  Miss Morality //  Hot Down // Read more

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