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SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, or H.R. 3261, is an effort to combat the ever troubling case of piracy online. However, while stopping online piracy would be beneficial for an indie rock act like, uhm, Ex Norwegian, it’s simply not that plain and simple. Effectively, this will open the door the Chinese style online censorship — leaving us to wallow in the sea of mediocre, mainstream, dumbed-down garbage entertainment that continually insults our intelligence and lowers our standards; furthermore, it’s controlled by the few corporations who want our money but could care less about us. Yes, the days of Ex Norwegian posting something like this will be numbered. Arguably, this is already happening with the DHS seizing sites and other bills trying to be passed.

A great little overview on what exactly SOPA is and will do can be found here:

The dirty little open secret is that it’s the big corporations like CBS/Viacom, Microsoft, Time Warner who spent the last decade or so distributing the peer-to-peer software cited for aiding the proliferance of online piracy like BitTorrent, LimeWire and Kazaa who are also spending millions (that they earned promoting piracy?) lobbying government to pass this bill. Arguably, without the ease of access of such software programs, it would be a small minority who would be involved in piracy instead of this accepted mainstream activity.

A good rule to follow is to question when illegal things are mainstream. Drugs, online piracy, over-sexualization of children in entertainment are three that come to mind. Question: Why are they allowed to happen, if its illegal? Entrapment? Future agenda? Pure greed? All of the above?

Things are rarely black and white. There is a lot of different motives for this bill, and along with many other schemes that globalists have been throwing towards the taxpayers way, it seems like it’s just another rip off. One that could effectively shut down internet speech and freedom while making us pay for it.

If you are so inclined, spread the word and thoughts expressed herein, as knowing is half the battle. Publicly boycott corporations supporting this bill. Here’s a list found on the web: It already worked with At the end of the day, profit does rule and perhaps that’s why CNet’s and the rest of them promoted the file sharing software. Maybe the conspiracy isn’t that sophisticated, but regardless, they will be called out.

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