Ex Norwegian’s debut Standby made the number one spot on City Link‘s top 10 ‘local’ albums of 2009.

Standby cover
“On the strength of this unquestionably great debut and an any-gig, anywhere mentality, Ex Norwegian has lit up the music blogosphere.” -Dan Sweeney, City Link

It also has been remembered in other lists, including Miami New Times and Slack A Go-Go at #30. Meanwhile, Ex Norwegian’s second album is being recorded now and hopes to be released in the spring this year. The band has also asked for fans to help finance the record via a chip in widget which acts as a pre-order as well. The model isn’t too formal, as bassist Nina Souto pointed out, “it’s really simple, the more you give, the more you will get!”  Recommended donation to get a copy of the finished CD is $10; however, if you give less, you will still get the album in mp3 format.

Chip-in here: http://seed.sproutbuilder.com/SgApv4SuHV8m0lMt

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