Roger Houdaille live, 2013

Roger Houdaille Talks To Grumpyrocker

It’s indie rock, it’s full of Florida sunshine, it is the continued journey of Ex Norwegian. In the softly softly release of their fourth album CrackEx Norwegian’s frontman and founder Roger Houdaille opens the lid on music Stateside as Grumpyrocker pulls up a chair to chat.

Grumpyrocker: How much is Ex Norwegian about Roger Houdaille?

Roger Houdaille: Well I’m the groups’ chief instigator, but I would hesitate to say the band is about me.

What motivated the band to re-form and re-release Sketch back in 2011?

It was the decision to re-release of Sketch on Dying Van Gogh Records that got me to come back from New York City, where I had ran off too, to Miami and put some type of band back together to help promote the release.

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