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CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Digital Download
Released June 22, 2018-July 13, 2018 on Think Like A Key Records (TLAK1111).

Roger Houdaille: Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Michelle Grand: Vocals
Giuseppe Rodriguez: Bass, Vocals
Adam Rhodes: Drums
Fernando Perdomo: Guitars, Drums
Derek Cintron: Drums
Greg Byers: Strings
W.D. Miller: Vocals

  • Produced by Roger Houdaille
  • Mixed by Zach Ziskin

  • Read lyrics.
  • Stream on Spotify, YouTube.
  • Digital retailers: Google Play, iTunes, Amazon MP3.
  • Physical from Bandcamp, KoolKat.


[wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Good Intentions”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Team No Sleep”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Not A Ghost”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Making Deals”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Triggered Weeknd”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Right Again”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Marquee 1970s”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Alt-Cool”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”So Maybe Next Time”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Block”][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”Seldom Sober”][/wvc_album_tracklist]
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Ahhhhhhhhh….No Sleep is classic Ex Norwegian. If you don’t know what that means, you have some catching up to do. Regular readers know we’ve been big fans of this band for years. For anyone who’d like to know why, this album would provide an excellent frame of reference. This Miami, Florida-based group has been creating incredible pop music for several years. Over time word has spread and they now have fans all over the world. Ex Norwegian is the trio of Roger Houdaille, Michelle Grand, and Giuseppe Rodriguez. Other cool folks appearing on these tracks include Adam Rhodes, Fernando Perdomo, Derek Cintron, Greg Byers, and W.D. Miller. If you like pop songs that stick in your head like glue and never go away, you’re gonna totally dig this album. No Sleep features eleven super smart guitar-driven pop tracks that are sinfully addictive. A few of the band’s more recent albums have featured a more raw basic sound. On Sleep, they return to the more produced and polished sound they had when they were just getting started. The end result…will blow your mind. Houdaille’s ability to consistently write insanely good songs is impressive and amazing. Unlike other folks whose songwriting skills seem to fizzle out over time, this guy’s compositional talents just seem to get better. Michelle, Giuseppe, and Roger play with the kind of precise intensity that propels their tunes to another level. You can tell by the sound of these tracks that these folks enjoy playing music together…the positive vibes come through loud and clear. The album was produced by Roger and mixed by Zach Ziskin. Uplifting in so many ways, these classic songs will most definitely stand the test of time. This is easily one of the best albums yet by this continually engaging underground pop band. It’s also bound to be one of the best pop albums of 2018. Kickass cuts include “Good Intentions,” “Team No Sleep,” “Triggered Weekend,” “Alt-Cool,” and “Seldom Sober.” Highly recommended. TOP PICK.


The Big Takeover

This Miami sound machine rolls on, undaunted and/or perhaps inspired by founder/guitarist/singer/producer Roger Houdaille’s hospital death scare a few years back. Following two 2016 albums, No Sleep is another brash affair with sly, bursting late ’60s/early ’70s-pop isms a la Shocking Blue, Wings, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, late The Move/early ELO, and lighter Cheap Trick—a similar draught that animates A.C. Newman and his New Pornographers and a bit of Nada Surf. The tunes are big and bad as their driving sound with lead guitar doubling melodies, and backing, heavy harmonies (often male/female with pretty Michelle Grand). The likes of “Making Deals” seem to all but leap out of speakers, so boisterously busy and eagerly spouting are they, tempered it against prettier sides such as “Triggered Weeknd.” Whoever kept RH alive did more than just his friends and family a favor.

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