Ex Norwegian & Friends Sing Jimmy Campbell

New Album Featuring 14 Guests out April 2nd

Ex Norwegian and friends sing Jimmy Campbell is due out April 2, 2021. The albums follows what was a return to the love of psychedelic music of yesteryear. Now, they combine that energy with an album worth of arguably one of the powerpop pioneers, Liverpool’s singer-songwrtier Jimmy Campbell. Best known perhaps for his work with Bill Kinsley and Rockin’ Horse (“Biggest Gossip In Town,” “Don’t You Ever Think I Cry”) Campbell was also a member of the Kirkbys and the 23rd Turnoff during the sixties before signing a “solo” deal with Fontana and eventually moving over to Vertigo records, ultimately releasing 3 albums, Son of Anastasia, Half Baked and The Jimmy Campbell Album.

Many of the songs recorded in this special tribute come from these albums, but also a few “rarities”. To help with singing (and performing), Roger enlisted special guests from the underground powerpop, psych and singer-songwriter scenes. Guests include Joe Kane (The Poppermost), Coke Belda, The Elms Estate, Jim Camacho, Rhys Marsh (The Autumn Ghost), John Ford (Strawbs), Edward Rogers, Mark Johnston, DC Cardwell, John Howard, Cherry Parke, Rome56, Esteban Cisneros and Kevin Robertson (The Vapour Trails) who create an eclectic and inspired record that would certainly make Jimmy break a smile.

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