The Radar Report is a special feature on XM Radio highlighting their most notable bands each week. We are happy to announce that our song “My Name Is Paul” will be featured on the show which will air Thursday – September 4th 2008, 10pm ET. The Radar Report encores every Friday at 2pm ET.

Listen in on:

  • XMU, XM RADIO Channel 43
  • XM RADIO Online
  • Direct TV Channel 831.

XMU, XM 43, is located on XM Satellite Radio in the United States and Canada.

If you don’t have XM you can listen online with A FREE ACCOUNT simply go to http:/ for a free 14 day trial. You only need an E-mail address to sign up!

More info: & http://www. xmradio. com/onxm/channelpage. xmc?ch=43


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