Limited Fanfare Records Spring​/​Summer Sampler

Limited Fanfare Records Spring/Summer Sampler 2013 — FREE DOWNLOAD
Limited Fanfare Sampler 2013
Limited Fanfare Records’ Spring/Summer Sampler 2013 features New, Exclusive and Favorite tracks from Astronautalis & Rickolus, Lil Daggers, Ex Norwegian, Jem Cohen (of The Ettes), PLAINS, featherweight, Sunday Driver, Denney and The Jets, Zebra Tracks, PAPER (Mike Marsh of Dashboard Confessional/The Avett Brothers), Stallone, north&south and sound sleeper.

1. Astronautalis & Rickolus – The Rainmakers
2. Lil Daggers – Spider Lilly
3. Denney and The Jets – Fun Girls
4. Ex Norwegian – Bibi Kan Werk It
5. Stallone – Beyond
6. Jem Cohen – Choose
7. PLAINS – Hurricane City
8. sound sleeper – Chinese Fire Drill Underwater
9. PAPER – Regard
10. featherweight – Ugly
11. north&south – Through the Wormhole
12. Zebra Tracks – We Found A Reason to Live and We Called It God
13. Sunday Driver – The Downside of Things
14. Astronautalis & Rickolus – Fallen Street
Best part…it’s FREE! So download your copy today and check out some of South Florida (and beyond) snappiest indie music.