It’s Singles Week!

7 singles are releasing one day at a time this week on digital streaming and downloading sites all over the internets. The releases are coordinated by Dippy Records in celebration of the upcoming 7 year anniversary of the band.

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All songs have been previously unavailable on major digital retailers – and in some cases, never released before. Here are the full details:

SUNDAY April 5th
Unstoppable (single mix) / Much Rooms (single mix) feature cleaner mixes by Zach Ziskin of Wasted Lines tracks.

MONDAY April 6th
Be There (single mix) / Love Is (extended single mix) features alternative versions of Wasted Lines tracks, mixed by Zach Ziskin.

TUESDAY April 7th
Without You’re Mind / It’s Just Like A Girl taken from the cassette-only release, Hot Pants, recorded in 2013.

Tired Of Dancing / Darling, Sweetheart the Sketch era gets represented with these 2 recordings featuring Nina Souto (bass, vocals) and Arturo Garcia (drums).

THURSDAY April 9th
Count On Me / Pretty Paradox essentially two out-takes from Wasted Lines, both songs were ultimately left off the record due to style concerns but make for an excellent non-LP single.

FRIDAY April 10th
What A Fool / Have In Mind re-titled alternate rock take of ‘Bibi Kan Werk It’ from Crack backed with a House Music out-take.

SATURDAY April 11th
So Fine (It’s Frightening) / My Days Are Numbered taken from the covers-only ep #tbt; these two are covers of Andy Pratt and Patto, respectively eclectic.