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“On The Sidelines” Compilation Album Receives Rave Review

Hello Ex Norwegian fans! We’re thrilled to share with you a recent review of our new compilation album, On The Sidelines: The Albums 2015-2017. This double album offers a retrospective of our output during that time. It includes remixes of two of our previous records and unheard tracks, giving fans a panoramic look into our work from those years.

The review comes from Canada-based rock journalist Dmitry M. Epstein’s blog, DMME.net, and we’re excited to receive such positive feedback about our music. According to the review, our consistent sound and songwriting quality are the highlights of the album. The opening track, “It’s A Game,” is praised for being a key to understanding our approach to a song, while our ability to create original music that can stand alongside brilliantly reimagined covers is also noted.

The review also commends our dark ‘middle’ album, Glazer/Hazerr, for capturing our concert feel in the studio. The album’s boisterous and pessimistic “Life” is highlighted as a standout track, along with the trip-hoppy “Father Goose” and the alluring “Modern Art Brigade.” The review concludes by mentioning the album’s disjointed but forward-looking flow, with its goal of pinpointing things in flux en route to the future.

If you want to experience the magic for yourself, order your copy of the On The Sidelines compilation today. This compilation includes three albums, Pure Gold, Glazer/Hazerr, and Tekstet (Subtitled), all from 2015-2017. It’s the perfect introduction to hear our unique sound! Don’t just take our word for it – check out the full review.