Ex Norwegian - Mind Down EP cover

Ex Norwegian release single "Mind Down"

Ex Norwegian rush-released their single this week, “Mind Down” in time for September 11th. This is the first official follow-up release of new music since their debut album “Standby” hit stores earlier this year. It is available exclusively from Band Camp.

“Mind Down” is a social-political commentary dressed up in seemingly random lyrics with a wordy chorus of “Got my thoughts, feelings controlled…money, media, drugs, health and roads. Don’t forget about food and water, I’ll be fine if you don’t holler.” With its fragmented rhythms and constant harmony vocals, the song is an intense aural painting of what can be describe as the dumbing down process.

Songwriter Roger Houdaille comments, “The song came out very quickly, and is a response and way for me to express my frustration over people leading apathetic lives, and knowing the roles that television, GMO foods, tap water, vaccines play in making people this way.” Houdaille is not too shy with incorporating such messages in the groups music, suggesting “you need good people in the system. If not for them, we would probably be in much worst shape.”

The single’s B side is a group composition called “Turn Left” which has been developing in their live repertoire for the last few months. No word yet on when to expect their second album.

For more information: infowars.com
Purchase the physical CD: exnorwegian.bigcartel.com