Ex Norwegian release alternate album on BandCamp

Tracks from a supposed “alternate” Standby, Ex Norwegian’s debut album, have been floating around the net for a while now, which may be because such an album has been in the works for some time. Roger Houdaille, lead singer-songwriter of the band, has decided to release the alternate album – which consists primarily of his home demos – thru an innovative and well designed indie D.I.Y. retailer BandCamp. Stream the album for free, or name-your-price downloads, entire album starting at $5. Various formats are available, including lossless formats FLAC & AAC.



  1. Fujeira In My Dreams (demo)
  2. Sigur Ros Banana (demo)
  3. Something Unreal (demo)
  4. Fresh Pit (demo)
  5. Pow3rfull (alternate version)
  6. Sudeki Lover (original version)
  7. Sudeki Lover (demo)
  8. Add Vice (demo)
  9. Gross You (demo)
  10. Dance Trance Pants (demo)
  11. All Over Again (demo)
  12. My Name Is Paul (demo)
  13. Ginger, Baby (outtake)

Also includes full size image plus video of the band performing “I Want Cheesecake” with BJ of The BJ Experience.