Ex Norwegian post new song on MySpace

Something Unreal @ Jimbos
Something Unreal @ Jimbo's

Satisfying much anticipation, Ex Norwegian posted a new song “Don’t Bother” to their MySpace, Facebook, PureVolume and other social networking profiles. The song is a grungy rocker which has been featured in their live sets; whose working title was “Sigur Ros Banana”. Indeed, two international bands Sigur Rós & Melt Banana get a name check in the songs lyrics.

For the past couple months, Ex Norwegian have been spending time in their home based studio preparing new recordings. The first release will be the Dance Trance Pants 7″ vinyl single, scheduling it very rushed for October this year. In November, the group plans to have a EP on CD available thru their website which will include all their recorded output to date, to make the wait for the full length not as painful.

The response to the new track has been an energetic one, as illustrated on their MySpace comments. Have a listen @ http://www.myspace.com/exnorwegian.