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Whose Motion


It’s the same emotion, sailin’ across the ocean
Get a little bit of city, in the middle of nowhere
And it’s not dark yet

Then you lookin’ to find
What’s on your mind
It’s the same old sign
There goes an answer, you got a minute

But you can’t go live
When you’re losing your mind
It’s the same old try
When you’re losing your mind

It’s the same emotion, just set to motion
Feeling rather pity, still looking rather pretty
When you’re tongue tied

It’s the summer time
When you’re running wild
They go big in your side
You got a fair trade, you gotta be straight

But no time for the lies
In the middle of the night
It’s the sound of the tide
Crashing into your mind
The same in the city
It’s a wonderful life
You can call it a pity
But don’t surrender the lie

It’s a little bit of patience
It’s another generation
Nothing but a villain


On Tekstet (Subtitled)



Written by Roger Houdaille
Produced by Roger Houdaille

©2018 Ex Norwegian