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Unfair To Compare


La la la la la la
La la la la la la

I can not care
How you feel there
Running away from it all, love affair

How could I know
Which way it goes
I can not even acknowledge it all goes too fast
Too fast for me
Too fast to see
With clarity

Fair to compare
Apples to pears
Stalling too long to respond, questionnaire

I will suppose
You will propose
Finding out something you already know
And it’s back
To certainly
It won’t believe
When it happens to me

Hold on, hold on
Hold on, almost there

Searching up high
Digging down low
Long as you know what you’re looking for it’s all right
You don’t concede
You don’t even need
Nothing to believe

Unfair to care
Unfair to compare
When it happens to me


On Wasted Lines



Written by Roger Houdaille
Produced by Roger Houdaille and Fernando Perdomo

©2018 Ex Norwegian