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Song Of Many


I can see your color
It’s shining bright over the openess of the sky
I go your way you go mine
It could be anything
It could be anything
It could be anything I don’t mind

When you’re feeling sorry
What do you see
Pictures of eternal life to be
Friends of yours so hard to find
If they could live with me
If you can live with me
Everyone live with me I don’t mind

Changes in trouble seem
So far behind
It’s still a wonder why we’re alive
Faking an autograph
For the last time
Nothing is ever for what is seems

Hear the words whistle
This simple tune
They will come at your with a silver spoon
How one lives and how one dies
Isn’t it up to you
Isn’t it up to me
Isn’t up to you or me naturally

The sun and the moon and the stars
Are not even there
Liquid shock germ warfare
Patterns obliterate
The compress air
That elevates symptoms caused by their…


On Glazer/Hazerr



Written by Roger Houdaille
Produced by Roger Houdaille and Emmanuel Canete

©2018 Ex Norwegian