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My Name Is Paul


I live in my world which affect your world
The difference is mine is made up of lies
My names is Paul I believe my own lies
No liberal ties can bring me down
A pretty waterfall can break my back
If I want it to there’s no giving back
My name is Paul I’m ten foot tall
Higher than the trees smarter than the breeze
These dreams are my reality yes you know
These dreams I will fight you for over and over
You know I can’t let go
And with you I’ve got some control
With you I’ve got a living soul
Hello our new friend we can help you
If you understand what we wanna do
Well my name is Paul together we fall
Faster than the leaves falling off the trees


On Standby



Written by Roger Houdaille
Produced by Roger Houdaille and Fernando Perdomo

©2018 Ex Norwegian