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Have A Coffee On Us


Say you have a stainful sorbet medicine
Spots grow on your thyroid unpleasently gilled

May the time be to stop taking the medicine
Settle down with some sugar in your coffee
That’ll soothe everything

It’s not that hard to take a pick
It’s not that easy to take a sip
You’ll be back for more
You’ll be back fo’ sho

River cause you damage society you blame
Watch TV for laughter “singing in the rain”
Ci vou ple a danish harmless snack with tea
Change the menu recipe add a little more coffee
That’ll change everything


On House Music (Limited Edition CD)



Written by Roger Houdaille
Produced by Roger Houdaille

Out-take from House Music. The mix used on the limited edition CD’s was a rough mix prepared by Roger Houdaille.

©2018 Ex Norwegian