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Ha Name


Everything seems so right
And everything she can say
and move in every way

Saving it for the time
It’s specialer that way
No, no it’s not ok
Maina’s gotta stay

Everything was so right
How could it be wrong
It’s alright
She’s all right
It’s alright
It’s alright

Wasting the time of our lives
It doesn’t feel right to me
The more I look in through your eyes the more I want to be
Reflected in those green lights
Flashing on all we see
Oh oh it’s such a week
Week long history


On House Music (Limited Edition CD)



Written by Roger Houdaille and Frank MacBride III
Produced by Roger Houdaille

Pre-Ex Norwegian recording made in 2006 with Roger Houdaille (guitar, bass, vocals, fx) Eric Hernandez (drums) and Danny Hayoun (guitar).

©2018 Ex Norwegian