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Choice Of Friend


You’re faced with facts you dont wanna even
Think twice about
You’re ready to holler out

It’s makes you squeam in torrential rain
Walking a runaway
Walking a runaway

You can choose your friends
You can choose your best of friend
But they’ll cross you
In loss you’re nodding at them

Said to talking head
It’s a wonder how you still appear
When you’re gone
It’s gross fear for those in the near

As apt you are incomplete my son
Laughing the hard way
Laughing the hard way

It’s makes you squeem in your choice of friends
Walking a runaway
Walking a runaway

In high esteem we can’t let you down
It feels good
It’s seals tight
You know it’s alright


On House Music



Written by Roger Houdaille
Produced by Roger Houdaille

©2018 Ex Norwegian