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Going to Aventura to see my fortune
It’s not the same there, way better
Going under sunshine it never rains there

In my heart and soul
Aventura wanna go

You’re not so fake as everyone says you are
You are just perfect to me eye
I say to myself, “self you belong there”

Until my dying day
I wanna hear you say
Aventura wanna go

Take up those beach umbrellas
Put another coat on yeah
I won’t take you for granted, no no no
I’ll love you forever, my obession

Woo woo!
Aventura wanna go

Aventura in my heart and soul
Aventura it’s where I wanna go
Aventura – it’s the place to be


On  Exploding In Sound – Recession Rock Revival comp, Singles (box set), Crack



Written by Roger Houdaille

The version that appeared on the Exploding In Sound compilation is vastly different from the Crack version, despite using the original drum tracks. Originally a song recorded by Roger’s pre-Ex Norwegian group Monkeypox, and appeared on the Father Bloopy 2007 Ginger, Baby LP, it was not considered a true Ex Norwegian track until its inclusion on the fourth album.

©2018 Ex Norwegian