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Acting On An Island


Acting on an island
Expression far too thin
Nothing you’ve expected
You’re not in east berlin
Watching closely assumes the role that mainland can’t replace
Noting it impeccable with emotions and false face
Dancing on an island
Cross legged on your floor
Feeling like you’ve never
Ever felt before
The silence beckons you to find the reason on this space
But seasons not your best adhere, deserving a tax break
Robbing on an island
Your pants don’t fit your waist
It’s easier when dark out
They won’t tell whose is place
After shocks plead guilty to those knowing of your case
It’s possible the impossible, be freed from the human race


On Sketch (2010), Sketch (2011), Sketch (Deluxe Edition)


Live at Sweat Records, June 2010


Written by Roger Houdaille and Arturo Garcia
Produced by Ex Norwegian

©2018 Ex Norwegian