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For many bands, splitting up after a follow-up release that didn’t quite stick would have been the end. But for a band like Miami Beach’s Ex Norwegian, the old lineup’s split in March 2010 was most definitely not going to be the end of the story—not if Dying Van Gogh had anything to say about it. Picking up the band’s sophomore effort to 2009′s Standby (Dying Van Gogh), the label pumped life back into 2010′s Sketch with its re-release and also into the band itself.

Frontman and bassist Roger Houdaille—also the bassist of Dying Van Gogh act Ed Hale And The Transcendence—took some convincing. “I had no interest in doing anything more with Sketch or anything with the band after we originally split,” he says. “It was a difficult album personally at the time, but thankfully that kinda stuff goes away, and now I can really appreciate the album,” Houdaille explains. “That it’s finally being played on college radio and getting the attention it didn’t get the first time around is simply wonderful. And now I’ve put together a new Ex Norwegian and am slowly getting back on the road.”

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