Ex Norwegian featured on Sentient Radio launch.

Ex Norwegian are featured extensively on Sentient Radio which launched today. Out of L.A. comes this “indie music revolution” station run by Lindsay & Dave. Listen to the live stream here. UPDATE: Incidentally, our song “Something Unreal” was Read more
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Ex Norwegian introduce new songs live @ Jazid

Michelle Grand, photo FM Fotos.

The Ex Norwegian rocked the upstairs lounge of Jazid last night introducing some of their new material in the process.

Set: Sigur Ros Banana // Sudeki Lover // Something Unreal // Aventura // Miss Read more

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New songs online.

His Name Is Paul – Paul Wolfowitz stands behind his neo-con fantasies.

The latest Ex Norwegian song, a political commentary on the state of neo-con Paul Wolfowitz’s mind entitled “My Name Is Paul” has been added to the groups Read more

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Father Bloopy becomes Ex Norwegian

So we’ve officially announced and made the name change of the group this week, from Father Bloopy to Ex Norwegian. There are many reasons for this decision, and we thank all the loyal listeners who have already joined Read more

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