Roger and Aventura

“Aventura”: The Untold Story

Discover the history of Ex Norwegian's "Aventura" and uncover its inspiration and evolution. Read more
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Ex Norwegian Announces New Album ‘Spook Du Jour’

Ex Norwegian, the American indie rock band, is back with their 13th LP, "Spook Du Jour," which is set for release on February 18, 2022. Read more
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Ex Norwegian - Half Baked digital single cover

“Half Baked” Single Release

First single off the forthcoming album Sing Jimmy Campbell is probably the most proggy-est of the bunch. Jimmy Campbell’s 2nd album title track, “Half Baked,” is like a twisted early Bee Gees track complete with a raw Read more

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New Albums

New Albums out now

'Hue Spotting' and 'Spotting Hues' out now! Read more
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I Don't Hear A Single

IDHAS Sessions

Two sessions recorded exclusively for I Don't Hear A Single blog now streaming. Read more
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Roger Houdaille reissues

20 year old albums quietly re-appear

Two non-essential solo albums made available again on digital platforms. Read more
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