Arturo live in NYC

Ex Norwegian’s drummer Arturo Garcia traveled to NYC to attend an improvised/creative music workshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Led by trumpeter Ralph Alessi as well as other big names in the New York improvised music scene [Tom Rainey (drums), Matt Mitchell (piano), Drew Gress (bass), Jim Black (drums), Andy Milne (piano), J. Granelly (bass), Tim Berne (sax)] The School for Improvised music encourages students to think for themselves, develop their own style, and to drift away from patterns and comfort zones. It is a great outlet from the music-school traditional system of education that can be limited in many ways.

For 2 weeks, Arturo got the chance to work with other like-minded musicians from France, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, as well as different parts of the US. He also attended various concerts and masterclasses by leading improvisers such as Josh Roseman (trombone), DJ Olive (turn tables), DK Dyson (voice), Mary Halvorson (Guitar), Tyshawn Sorey (drums), among others.

“I will be displaying my weirdest improvisations at the next Ex Norwegian show so everybody leaves the room!” Arturo recently joked.

Check out the SIM website:


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