Roger Houdaille reissues

20 year old albums quietly re-appear

Roger Houdaille’s solo albums from 2000 quietly make a re-appearance onto digital streaming platforms after a couple decades languishing in the vaults. Both “Dancing Days” and “Morris Is Back” have been carefully remastered from the original masters and are a couple of literal home made albums that set the blueprint of future solo efforts, mixing originals with covers, and being recorded mostly on his own.

Some highlights include “Medicine Woman”, “Seagull’s Saga” and the curiously titled “Nuke The Whales” which was a hit on SoulSeek. Covers include the Box Tops “The Letter”, Andromeda’s “I Was Left Behind” and an inspired take on Skip Spence/Moby Grape’s “Seeing”.

Both titles available to stream or digital download, released via Think Like A Key Records.